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July 27th NRVBA PICNIC!!

Our annual picnic will replace the regular July meeting.  Please join us at 1:30 at Nellies Cave Park in Blacksburg.  The Association is providing meats, drinks, plates, napkins, etc.  Please bring a dish to share.  You may want to bring … Continue reading

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June 13th Meeting

June 13th Meeting: Queen Management: Problems and Replacement with Dr Richard Fell Richard Fell is a retired professor of entomology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech but is still involved as a professor emeritus. A member of the … Continue reading

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May 9th Meeting

May 9th Meeting:  Dr. Donald Zedalis and the history of the bee sting allergy and why should a pharaoh care?  Please join us for a fascinating presentation on the immunology of allergic reactions and how the venom allergy differs from … Continue reading

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April 11th Meeting

April 11th Meeting:  Splits and Nucs- Expand your Beekeeping and the UniqueOpportunities of Queen Hotels   All in One Night! Please join us on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building at … Continue reading

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February 14th Meeting- Catch your own free bees and place your bid in our silent auction!

There are few things a beekeeper loves more than free bees or a good deal on equipment! This month Past President Mark Chorba will present tips for catching swarms and we’ll have our silent auction in the lobby of our … Continue reading

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“So, You Want To Be A Beekeeper” Presentations, & Beginning Beekeeper’s Course

Members of the New River Valley Beekeepers’ Association (NRVBA) will present “So, You Want To Be  a Beekeeper” sessions at regional library branches in January 2019 (see dates and locations below) addressing all aspects of getting started in beekeeping (costs, … Continue reading

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November 8th Meeting – The Couvillon Lab at VT

Sadly, one of our members, Larry Larson, passed away last month. His family wants to sell all his bee-keeping equipment, so there will be a sale in the parking lot before the meeting. Information about the items and the time … Continue reading

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Tonights meeting (Oct 11th) is cancelled due to weather

October 11th Meeting: The Couvillon Lab at VT has been cancelled  

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September 13th meeting. Hunting the Feral Bee!

Hunting the Feral Bee: Kidnapping, Brain-washing, and Body Painting Before there were beekeepers there were bee hunters.  This ancient practice was all but lost until Tom Seeley revived interest in the practice with his book, “Following the Wild Bees“. Our … Continue reading

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May 10th Meeting – Yard Sale plus Jerry Borger on Cutouts

After one of the most extended winters in recent memory, we are finally beginning to see some warm days and our bees are responding robustly.  Many of us are rebuilding after heavy winter losses. The first group of packages have … Continue reading

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