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2023 NRVBA Nuc Sellers

Our first list of our association’s nuc sellers is now available. Please note that these are locally sourced bees with good genetics and proven hardiness. The prices are very competitive as well. Click here to get the latest list of … Continue reading

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Package Bees From Rural King

Rural King is selling 3 pound packaged bees with a mated queen for $219.99. Click here for more information. Webmaster’s note: Rural King is one possible source for bees. Some of our members sell nucs, which may be a better … Continue reading

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Our monthly meetings will resume in the new year at the same place and time. They are a great opportunity to hear an informative presentation and to learn from other experienced beekeepers. They are fun to attend with an occasional … Continue reading

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So, You Want To Be A Beekeeper?!

If you have wondered what it takes to become a beekeeper, we have scheduled a short program to introduce this fascinating topic. See the flyer below for details.

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Swarm Capture and Honey Bee Removal

If you have a swarm of bees on your property and want them removed, many of our members are available to help. Click here to learn whom to contact.

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Internet Videos

For those of you who are new to our club, we offer a page dedicated to Internet videos that describe many aspects concerning the art and science of beekeeping. The latest post is a ten-video course on how to manage … Continue reading

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Wintering Bees in the Virginia Mountains

Richard Reid has graciously shared his presentation entitled “Wintering Bees in the Virginia Mountains.” You can view it by going to the tab entitled “Member Resources” and then by clicking on the menu item “Presentations.” The presentations are listed in … Continue reading

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Queen Rearing Basics

Jim and Jerry are going to present the topic of queen rearing basics at our upcoming Zoom meeting this Thursday night. They plan to share methods with us that are appropriate for the small-time beekeeper. Jim mentioned that there is … Continue reading

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Bee Package and Queen Ordering Instructions

The information to either order bee packages or queens is in the PDF document below.

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Appeal to Members

Welcome to spring, when young (and old) people’s thoughts turn to love…of beekeeping!!For our new members, as was explained in the first session of the Beginning Beekeeper’s Course, the best number of colonies to start with is two.  Not one(you lose … Continue reading

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