Mentor Program

Below is our mentor list for 2021. If you wish to download your own copy, click on the following link. Mentor List 2021

Connect with experienced beekeepers in our mentors list which gives contact information for beekeepers willing to help new beekeepers in their area.

The primary objective of the mentoring program is to help beginning beekeepers by teaming them up with an experienced beekeeper in their area. It is expected that this relationship would last at least through a beekeeping season, or longer if desired by both parties. The following guidelines are intended simply to establish a set of common expectations for everyone:

1. Any member needing help should select a volunteer from their area from the list and initiate the contact.
2. A suggested first session would be for the mentee to visit the mentor’s apiary and observe during a routine inspection session. Obviously, there will be occasions when the mentor needs to visit the mentee’s apiary (e.g. package installation, diagnosing potential problems observed by the mentee).
3. The mentor is volunteering only to offer advice, not to conduct routine hive management.
4. The mentor is assuming no liability for the performance of the mentee’s hives.
5. If either party feels the need for a third person to be present for safety purposes at a mentoring session, it will be that person’s responsibility to invite the third person to be present.

Mentor List

Jerry Borger:  Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Elliston area. 540-557-7789 Willing to mentor (including visits) anyone within 10 miles of Running Buck Rd, C-burg
Glenn Buss: Blacksburg 540-552-0483 Willing to mentor in Blacksburg area and Eastern Giles
Mark Chorba: Copper Hill 540-204-6882
Willing to help in and around the Floyd area
Luke Epperly:  Radford, Riner, Christiansburg, and Dublin areas. Fourth year beekeeper.  Taken the Beginner Beekeeper’s Course and the Half-Day Review class.  Willing to help anyone with an install of new packages as well.  540 392-8391 call or text
Jim Hill: Pilot 540-589-3937 Willing to help other beekeepers in the Pilot, Riner, Check and Christiansburg areas
Jeff Miller: Rt 114, Prices Fork Area 540-250-6264   Would be willing to help in the Rt 114, Prices Fork Area
Brian Murphy: Simmonsville, VA (Craig County) 540-544-7973 Willing to help other beekeepers in the New Castle, Newport, Pembroke, and Pearisburg areas
Richard Reid: Blacksburg 540-320-0763 Will help some beekeepers in the Blacksburg area
Lynn Tobias: Christiansburg. 540-381-0306
Bob Whiton: Wake Forest (Montgomery Co.) 540-961-2188 Willing to help beekeepers in Blacksburg, Prices Fork, Long Shop, McCoy, Eggleston area.