Welcome Beekeepers!

The New River Valley Beekeepers Association was founded in 1998 to aid local beekeepers in managing their hives through outreach, education and networking. Monthly meetings are held throughout the year to provide information and foster relationships.

Visitors and guests are welcome at meetings, held the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building, 210 Pepper Street St., Christiansburg, VA. A picnic is held in July instead of a meeting, and no meeting is held in December.

TheHive listserv
The New River Valley Beekeepers Association offers an email discussion listserv called TheHive. There beekeepers ask and answer questions, post scientific research and news, advertise beekeeping services and products and discuss sucesses and challenges with their own bees. Read the terms of use and join the discussion.

Members of the NRVBA have access to the Association’s honey extractors, and other tools/materials.

Have a question or a beekeeping issue? Contact one of our officers for help.

Program for 2017 (Subject to change)

Quarter One:

January 12 – New developments in beekeeping equipment.  Mark Bennett.  

February 9 – Woodenware construction, making and assembling your own bee keeping equipment.  Review check list of basic beekeeping equipment needs. NRVBA members Richard Reid, Jim Hill, Glenn Buss and Jerry Borger.

March 9 – Swarms, splits and nuc’s. NRVBA member Bob Whiton.

Quarter Two:

April 13 – Producing queens and hardy survivor stock.  Judge O’Hanlon from West Virginia

May 11 – Honey bee diseases and pests.  Dr. Rick Fell

June – Extended Question & Answer session led by NRVBA  officers and board members.

Quarter Three:

July 22 –(Tentative date)  NRVBA Picnic/Beekeepers Ball:

569 Long Mt., Willis VA 24380.

August 10 –

1. Current trends in pests/diseases observed this year during hive inspections in Virginia, hive inspection procedures.   Brian Kreowski, state apiarist.

2. Honey Extraction simulation. Brief demonstration of extraction equipment. Jim.

September 14 – Do, or do not, treat for mites?  Pro’s and Con’s of various treatment methods.  James Wilson, VT.

Quarter Four:

October 12 – Follow-up on his  2016 experience with the AZ hive by Mark Chorba. Making creamed honey by Sue Hossack.
Honey tasting.

November 9 – Preparing colonies for winter.  In addition, how to salvage drawn comb, capped honey, uncapped honey, pollen stores and old frames/foundation after a winter dead out, or a fall queen failure (too late in the season to replace the queen). NRVBA member Richard Reid

December –   No meeting.