Welcome Beekeepers!

The New River Valley Beekeepers Association was founded in 1998 to aid local beekeepers in managing their hives through outreach, education and networking. Monthly meetings are held throughout the year to provide information and foster relationships.

Visitors and guests are welcome at meetings, held the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building, 210 Pepper Street St., Christiansburg, VA. A picnic is held in July instead of a meeting, and no meeting is held in December.

TheHive listserv  
The New River Valley Beekeepers Association offers an email discussion listserv called TheHive. There beekeepers ask and answer questions, post scientific research and news, advertise beekeeping services and products and discuss sucesses and challenges with their own bees. Read the terms of use and join the discussion.

Members of the NRVBA have access to the Association’s honey extractors, and other tools/materials.


Have a question or a beekeeping issue? Contact one of our officers for help.

Program for 2018 (Subject to change)

Quarter One:

January 11 – Queen rearing – Tim Service.  

February 8 – “Understanding Swarms: What can go wrong when everything goes right” –  Fred Jones.

March 8 –”Splits nd Nucs – Expand and Sustain your Beekeeping” – Richard Reid.

Quarter Two:

April 12 – Feeding time at the  zoo bee yard. Sue Hossack

May 10 – Bee removal. Jerry Borger.

June 14 –Round table of experienced beekeepers discussing miscellaneous topics such as robbing, small hive beetles, and other management topics and techniques.

The Virginia State Beekeepers meeting will be held June 15th and 16th at Roanoke College.

Quarter Three:

July   NRVBA Picnic/Beekeepers Ball: Sunday July 29th, Nellies Cave park, Blacksburg

August 9 – will feature an Ohio beekeeper discussing integrated pest management especially varroa mites.

September 13 –

Quarter Four:

October 11

November 8

December –   No meeting.