In order to join the NRVBA or to renew your current membership, there are three options, listed below.  

Whichever option you use, please send us a separate email at The Membership Chair and the Treasurer both have access to that address.  Please give us ALL of your contact information, even if it hasn’t changed; name(s), postal address, email address and phone number.  This saves us (volunteers) a lot of time.  If you have a Family membership, be sure you list the names, emails, phone numbers, etc. for each member that you wish to have included separately in The Hive or the membership roster.

Also, be sure to give us any business name or alias that you use for your payment in Zelle or PayPal. The Treasurer needs to be able to match a business name/alias to an actual member’s name without having to do a lot of detective work.  Your name can be included the “Memo” field of a Zelle payment order or the “What’s this payment for?” field of a PayPal payment order.

Here are the three options:

1.  You can send a Pay by Zelle payment to if your bank offers the Pay by Zelle.  If you’re interested, check out  Note that the treasurer prefix is required to send a Zelle payment to the club.

2.  You can send a PayPal payment to  Note that the treasurer prefix is not used for PayPal payments.

3.  You can send a check made payable to NRVBA ($10 Individual/$15 Family) to our mailing address, which is:


PO Box 6

Pilot, VA 24138