Swarm Capture / Honey Bee Removal

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A 2012 honey bee swarm. Photo courtesy of Tonia Moxley.

See one of these on your property? Have a honey bee colony in your wall, or in an outbuilding? NRVBA members may be able to help.

While our association makes no endorsement of any the following, nor accepts any liability for damages or injury resulting from their efforts, the individuals listed below may be able to assist in honey bee swarm capture and/or honey bee removal.


  • If you have a honey bee colony nesting inside an occupied building and need demolition or construction services, you may want to consult with a licensed contractor before proceeding.
  • Our members do not offer extermination services, nor do they remove insects other than honey bees. Before you call, please determine if you have wasps or hornets.
  • In some instances, members will charge for travel expenses or removal services, so please discuss this with your chosen provider beforehand.
Jerry Borger twoltcols@verizon.net; borgeraparies.com 540.382.1798; 540.557.7789 Swarm capture & colony removal in the counties of Roanoke, Floyd, Montgomery & Giles
Glenn Buss gbuss28440@aol.com 540.552.0483 Swarm capture in Blacksburg and surrounding areas
Mark Chorba marco@vt.edu 540.204.6882 Swarm capture & colony removal in the counties of Roanoke, Floyd, Montgomery & Giles
Clem Von Claparede lhcorp@swva.net 540.674.8803 Swarm capture & colony removal
Graham Dawson 540.674.8722 Swarm capture in Pulaski and Giles counties
Chris Faith cjfaith@verizon.net 540.552.3041 Swarm capture & colony removal
Everett Harrell 540.639.5952; 540.320.0865
Fred Jones stranded6@yahoo.com 540.745.2982 Swarm capture & colony removal in Floyd and Montgomery counties
Carl Lefko clefko@radford.edu 540.449.1297 Swarm capture & colony removal across the New River Valley
Luke McCoy lukehhi@gmail.com 540.577.7132 Swarm capture & colony removal in Radford & counties of Pulaski, Montgomery & Floyd
Tonia Moxley tonia.moxley@gmail.com; @roughcutapiarys; roughcutapiaries.tumblr.com 540.320.6838 Swarm capture in Montgomery County
Richard Reid rkereid@comcast.net; happyhollowhoney.com 540.320.0763 Swarm capture & colony removal in Montgomery County & some surrounding areas
Chris Willis chrisw@vt.edu 540-315-4844 Swarm capture & colony removal in the counties of Pulaski, Montgomery, Giles, Bland, Wythe, Carroll and Indian Valley/Willis area of Floyd County.
Mike Wright jwright@moog.com 540.382.5430