Informative Internet Videos

We have added a new resource for club members. It is entitled Informative Internet Videos. To access this resource go to the Member Resources tab. Click on it and scroll down to the Informative Internet Videos post. Click on it, and you will find the videos.

If you find a video that you believe from which other members of our association will benefit, please send a copy to, and I will post it. Please include a short description of the video.

The next three videos are produced by the Michigan State University Apiculture Extension program.

Thanks to Tom James for suggesting these resources.

Cameron Reynolds of Tennessee’s Bees publishes a blog with many helpful videos that cover the gamut of beekeeping.

Bob Binnie also offers solid information at his YouTube channel.

Sharon shared this post that thoroughly describes the process, tasks and frequency of a hive inspection.

Jim shared this post on a ten-video course on varroa mite treatment.