Queen-Rearing Methods

Long-time NRVBA member Jerry Borger gave two queen-related presentations on March 10th 2016, both appropriate even for those with only a couple of hives.

queenThe first is  “Queens for Pennies,” a step-by-step presentation reviewing equipment and procedures on how to raise about 10 queens at a time for pennies apiece using a Randy Oliver method of grafting (not the commercial procedure) that can easily be practiced by almost anyone.  No exceptional experience or skills needed.

He also presented “Hobbyist Queens Using a Doublescreen,” which many of you will remember is a means of raising a handful of queens without grafting. Its threefold purpose is to minimize the swarming urge, maximize honey production, and to encourage the bees to produce large, well-fed queen cells to keep the line of a good queen going, all without taking a hive out of production.  Again, no exceptional experience or skills needed. A summary of this method is given here.