AZ Hive of Slovenia

On Saptember 8th, 2016 Mark Chorba gave a presentation on  The The AZ Hive – Beekeeping from another point of view”

Slohive2The AZ hive is an old way of the beekeepers of Slovenia (Mark’s ancestral home). This hive originated there in the mountains and valleys of Slovenia and has been preserved till today.  Not so readily available it is however being brought into America by a few people who want a different way to keep bees.  These AZ hives are built to fit into a “bee house” and are grouped together closely, brightly painted and easy to work.  The hive sits in the exterior wall of the house with the front facing out. It has a door on the back (inside the house) and once opened, the frames of bees slide out to be inspected. Honey is stored above and is removed the same way. No more lifting heavy hives or supers. Any bees that fly out can go out through the window and return to the hive in the front.