Honey Extractor

The NRVBA owns three honey extractors and other honey harvesting equipment for use by dues-paying members.

To reserve any of the extractors, click here, or call  Bob Whiton at 540-961-2188. Please note: The Montgomery extractors are stored at 925 Lee Highway,  Christiansburg at the B&B storage units. This is on the corner of Badger St. There are several other B&B units along Lee Highway, so make sure you get the correct one!

Power Extractors

Floyd County

One power extractor is housed in Floyd County and will handle six medium frames or three deep frames at a time.

Montgomery County



A power extractor in Montgomery County will handle 6 medium frames or 3 deep frames; it is based in Christiansburg.  It includes a heated knife, scraper, 3 gated buckets and a set of filters.


Manual Extractor

There is a also manual extractor based in Christiansburg. It can handle 3 small or medium frames. It also comes with 2 buckets, a set of filters, and a heated decapping knife.

Manual Extractor     0420151036


Users may reserve an extractor  ahead of time, pick it up and return it cleaned. Often when the season gets busy you will arrange to pick it up from the previous user. The equipment is signed in and out, including an inventory of condition and inventory of parts. Once you take possession you are responsible to the equipment and must note any damage that may occur. During the busy season please limit your use of the extractor to four days so that as many people as possible can use it.

Your responsibility for the equipment continues until someone else accepts responsibility with his/her signature, or until it is turned over to an NRVBA officer who acknowledges all inventory is accounted for.

To reserve any of the extractors, click here, or call Jim Hill at 540-589-3937 or Bob Whiton at 540-961-2188