Informative Internet Videos

From time to time members cite informative Internet videos that cover many aspects of beekeeping. The videos are posted below with a brief summary of their content.

If you find a video that you believe that will benefit members of our association, please send a copy to, and I will post it. Please include a short description of the video.

The Sustainable Apiary by Michael Palmer

Here is a new presentation by Mike Palmer to the Cambridgeshire Beekeepers Association in England. This is a new rehash of the “The Sustainable Apiary” where he talks about the many parts of his beekeeping operation and how it works to be sustainable. There is a lot of great info here for any scale of beekeeper. You do not have to have as large an operation as his to utilize the techniques he is talking about. I’d put this at the top of my “need to watch” presentations about managing bees. And since it’s cold, and you’re stuck at home, why not?

The Sustainable Apiary by Michael Palmer.

Beginning Beekeeper Videos

The Univ. of Guelph has a nice set of videos on YouTube on a variety of beekeeping subjects. There are too many to list here, but these are good for beginners. One word of warning: the presenter doesn’t wear a veil when working. Do not try this at home – always wear a veil.

Introductory honey bee video:

Opening hives:

Basic colony Inspection:

Finding Queens: