NRVBA Nucs for Sale

2022 NRVBA Nuc Suppliers

This list is provided as an informational service to our members.  All financial arrangements are between the seller and buyer.  The NRVBA does not provide any warranty.

Glenn Buss.

          Deep nucs, 5 frame


Randy Muir. (540) 230-7703. Snowville area

          Deep nucs

Alissa Carter.

          Medium, 5 frame, VSH Italian


Fred Jones.

          Deep, 5 frame, mostly Carniolan, marked queens


Noah Renno. Contact: Appalachian Bee Farm   276-722-2678

          Deep and medium, 5 frame.  Giles county beeyard mix, bred for honey                      production, don’t attempt to work w/o veil.


Matt Johnston.

          Deep, 5 frame, Italian/Carniolan hybrids


Mark Donovan.

          Medium, 5 frame, includes wooden box.

Jerry Borger 540-557-7789

          Deep, 5 frame, overwintered with Italian queens.

          $185 includes best five frames from double deep nucs, plus extra bees from   remaining frames

Jeff Miller. Christiansburg.  cell 540.250.6264 

          Medium, 5 frame in transport boxes.  VSH Carniolan/Italian


Herman Hearn. 540-558-8509.

          Medium, 5 frame, marked queens, primarily Italian.  Pulaski Co.


Richard Reid.

          Info at

Brian Craig.  540-230-9954. Email

          The bees are local survivor stock. I have 5 frame deeps and mediums for sale. They will be overwintered bees with a last year marked queen. The bees are located in the Willis section of Floyd County and Cana in Carroll County. I may be able to deliver to Christiansburg. My hopes are that the bees will be ready around mid-April. They will be in a Jester Nuc box. I will offer a free short bee course at Willis or Cana. We can go over the frames and explain what you are looking at if you like. Great for the new beekeeper.


Anne Savage.  786-942-0777  Giles Co.

          Deep nucs, 5 frame.  Overwintered marked queens


Sherri Jutz.  252-626-0814

          Deep, 5 frames, marked queen, bursting with bees

James Hicks. Listed at:

          Medium 5-Frame, VSH Italian/Carniolan Hybrids, Marked Queens, some


Dave Jersey.

  5 Frame Nucs $175 ea

10 Frame colony $325 ea

Unmarked queens – local mutts.  Overwintered really well. As of 4/27/22 mite count for the whole apiary was 1 mite/300 bees.

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