November 12, 2020 Meeting: Mike Palmer’s video presentation

Comb Honey Production

Many of you are familiar with Mike Palmer.  Mike began beekeeping with two package hives in 1974 and now owns French Hill Apiaries at St Albans, Vermont where he annually produces over one thousand queens and manages over 1000 production hives and nucleus colonies.  Mike is a prolific writer and has lectured worldwide on his methods of beekeeping.  This is Mike’s presentation at the 2013 National Honey Show.

Carl Lefko will send a meeting invitation prior to Thursday.  This meeting, like the others, will be recorded.

Meeting Agenda


Apiary Report: Bob Whiton

Treasurer’s Audit: Carl Lefko

Election of 2021 Officers: Bill Hendon

What you should be doing with your bees

Featured Presentation:  Mike Palmer

Emory B. Altizer, NRVBA President

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