June 11, 2020 NRVBA Meeting Agenda

Morgan Roth will present Varroa and IPM.

Morgan Roth, PhD student, Molecular Physiology and Toxicology Laboratory

I graduated with my B.S. in Zoology (minor in Chemistry) from Liberty University in spring of 2017, and began my M.S. work at Virginia Tech in the fall of 2017. Throughout my M.S. work, I focused on two honey bee pests: Varroa mites and small hive beetles. My Varroa project included sampling at apiaries in three geographic regions of Virginia and performing resistance testing using amitraz (Apivar), coumaphos (CheckMite), and tau-fluvalinate (Apistan). I also tested enzyme activity in the mites I collected from these areas to help better understand resistance differences between the locations. For my small hive beetle project, I started a lab colony of beetles and did in vivo (whole insect) and in vitro (enzyme activity in the insect nervous system) testing of several known and experimental insecticides. I also had opportunities to publish several fact sheets and a review article dealing with Varroa mite history and management, as well as write a blog post for Entomology Today about Varroa biology and management tactics (all of which are free, open-access). In spring of 2019 I graduated with my M.S. and started work on my PhD in Entomology at Virginia Tech in the fall of 2019. My future projects include more studies focused on small hive beetle behavior and physiology, and the potential for using fungicides and repellents to help with small hive beetle control, and I hope to graduate in spring of 2022. 

Please join us on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 6:30 pm on Zoom.  A meeting invitation, with connection information, will be sent to members prior to the meeting.   

Meeting Agenda


  • Treasurer’s report

-What you should be doing with your bees

– Featured Presentation:

-Emory B. Altizer, NRVBA President

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