August 13, 2020 NRVBA Meeting

Dr James Wilson will present: Bringing the fight to the mite: treatment options and planning in Varroa mite management.

Varroa mites are the single largest threat to honey bee colonies in the United States. Dr. James Wilson, Extension Apiculturist at Virginia Tech, will walk us through the treatment options available to us in this all-important battle. Colony cycle, honey supers, nectar flows, and mite levels all come into play in making these decisions. Join us to learn more about how we can deal with these pests of our bees.

James Wilson joined the Virginia Tech faculty in January 2017 as the new Extension Apiculturist. His duties include Extension efforts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and teaching the Bees and Beekeeping class and Insects in Human Society class on campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. James grew up in Southport North Carolina and earned his BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Science from NC State in 2008. During his studies at NC State he became engrossed in the smaller wildlife of the region, especially insects. James went on to earn his MS in Entomology with Dr. Rick Fell at Virginia Tech, researching forensic entomology in wildlife poaching, while trying to learn as much about bees as he could on the side. After his Master’s, James worked with Dr. Tom Kuhar, Vegetable Entomologist at Virginia Tech, on the Integrated Pest Management of Cucurbit Production in Virginia. His dissertation research focused on pest and beneficial insect interactions as well as the qualification of pesticide exposure risk to honey bees. Currently, James is working on identifying the pollinators at play in Virginia cucurbit production to enhance pollinator safety and crop production. James maintains Virginia Tech’s research and teaching apiaries and is looking forward to expanding the impact of Apiculture Extension throughout Virginia and surrounding states. For more information on Apiculture Extension in Virginia and ongoing research on bees in the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech, please follow the Bee Group at VT on Facebook.

Please join us on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 6:30 pm on Zoom.  A meeting invitation, with connection information, will be sent to members prior to the meeting.   

For this meeting, we will have the featured presentation will before the business meeting

Meeting Agenda

Featured Presentation: Dr James Wilson


  • Apiary report
  • Annual business meeting
  • Treasurer’s report

-What you should be doing with your bees

-Emory B. Altizer, NRVBA President

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