April 12th Meeting- Feeding Colonies

Feeding time at the zoo bee yard.
2018 is providing us with yet another cold, wet spring.  Snow is in the forecast for Saturday and Monday.  Eventually the nectar flow will begin, however, and packages will arrive at the end of the month.  Beekeepers can expect things to heat up both literally and figuratively very soon!

One of the most confusing management problems for beekeepers surrounds the feeding of colonies.  Until now the subject has been addressed through the NRVBA in bits and pieces and much uncertainty remains. Our speaker for this meeting is NRVBA member Sue Hossack who will tackle the topic head on. Please join us at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday 12th April 2018 at the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building at 210 Pepper St., Christiansburg.

Primarily aimed at beginners, this talk will cover the details of feeding (or not feeding) colonies throughout the year, starting with packages, or nucs in the spring; discussing feeding needs in summer, fall and winter, then finally looking at the different criteria for feeding a thriving colony the following spring. Pros and cons of various feeding methods and feeders will be discussed and demonstrated, along with the Why, What and How of each season.

NRVBA April 2018 Meeting Agenda

  • Business:
    • The loss of our long time Treasurer Jack Price. Jim Hill has offered to take Jack’s position
    • Report From Logo Committee
    • Report From Mentor Program Committee
    • Apiary committee report
    • Updates on package bees delivery
    • 501 (c)  status for NRVBA
  • What you should be doing with your bees
  • Fred’s Follies: What you should have learned at last month’s meeting had you been paying attention!
  • Main Topic: “Feeding time at the zoo bee yard.” by Sue Hossack
  • Raffle: Note, there will be no intermission. Buy your tickets before the meeting or, quietly, any time during the meeting in the back of the room. Items will include:
    • 10-frame screened bottom board
    • Swarm Essentials – book
    • 5 Small hive beetle traps
    • 10 Deep frames with plasticell foundation, unassembled
    • Nuc hive-top feeder
  • Close of formal meeting and, for many, the beginning of the “real” meeting. Join in for socializing, refreshments, and a time for asking questions.  Please consider bringing a snack or beverage to share.

-Fred Jones, NRVBA President.

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