Bee Packages 2018

The NRVBA will be selling package bees for $110 to members, $120 for non-members.  The member price is just a few dollars over our cost. Dadant is selling them for $105 if you pick them up at their facility in Chatham, VA . We have 125 packages on order.

These packages include an unmarked, Italian queen. Packages will tentatively be available for pick-up in the 8-10 April 2018 time frame in the parking lot of the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building at 210 Pepper St., Christiansburg. A more precise pick-up date and time window will be provided as information becomes available. Point of contact for questions is Mark Chorba,, 540-204-6882.

To purchase package bees go to

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4 Responses to Bee Packages 2018

  1. Tim Hudson says:

    I would like one please

  2. Alvin Hodge says:

    I have ordered 2 packages for first pick up. When can I order for second delivery.

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