Introducing the NRVBA President for 2018: Fred Jones

President-elect Fred Jones would like to share with you his vision for the NRVBA in 2018:

As president-elect of the NRVBA I would like to introduce myself and give a brief summary of what to expect in 2018.

To begin, I believe there is much we can learn by taking a lesson from the honeybees we all know and love.  Perhaps the single most important decision bees make comes when a swarm must choose a new home.  Research has proven that in a honeybee democracy only 3% to 5% of the population participate in that decision. Following that model, it is one of my goals to minimize the business portion of general meetings and leave most of those aspects up to the Board of Directors. I hope to make the meetings informative, fast paced, fun and much shorter. My thanks go to Jim Hill, our current president, for overseeing a much needed rewrite of the bylaws that should streamline our association and allow for these changes

The programs for winter and spring 2018 will have an emphasis on fundamental aspects of hive management.  These will build on Jerry Borger’s excellent beekeeping class and I believe will be of benefit to even our most experienced members.  The summer/fall programs will tend toward more advanced topics and subjects related to honeybees, but not necessarily to hive management.

I will begin each meeting with, “What should you be doing with your bees?.” This will not be a session to cover the problems of individual beekeepers, but a short summary of what our more experienced beekeepers are doing that month. This should be a terrific guide for newer members.

The raffle will continue, but tickets will be available before and throughout the meeting at a table in the back of the room. By eliminating an intermission and shortening the meetings I envision a post-meeting social gathering wherein new beekeepers might ask questions to more experienced members and the old-timers can swap new ideas.

While public speaking is not my strong suit, I am a good listener.  Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Together we can move the NRVBA forward as one of the strongest honeybee associations in the state.

Happy holidays to you all,  

Fred Jones

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