“So, You Want To Be A Beekeeper” Presentations, 2018

“So, You Want To Be A Beekeeper” Presentations, 2018 and Beginning Beekeeper’s Course, 2018

Members of the New River Valley Beekeepers’ Association (NRVBA) will present “So, You Want To Be  a Beekeeper” sessions at regional library branches in January 2018 (see dates and locations below) addressing all aspects of getting started in beekeeping (costs, equipment needed, time required, procedures for acquiring and keeping bees, expectations for honey harvest, etc.)  Presentations last approximately one hour and are free.  No sign-up or pre-registration required.  Address questions to Jerry Borger, 540-382-1798.

Schedule of presentations:

13 January at 1:30 pm                                     20 January at 1:30 pm
Blacksburg Library                                          Christiansburg  Library
200 Miller Street                                              125 Sheltman Street
Blacksburg                                                         Christiansburg

20 January at 1:30 pm                                     21 January at 1:30 pm
Jessie Peterman Library                                  Meadowbrook Public Library
321 West Main Street                                       267 Alleghany Spring Road
Floyd                                                                    Shawsville

Those interested will be able to sign up for a Beginning Beekeeper’s Course in person at one of the sessions described above or on-line at www.nrvba.org  or https://secure.west-point.org/nrvba.  The course lasts two Saturdays, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, 10 February and 7 April 2018.  Cost is $60 per student and includes a beginner’s book, course materials, and lunch; $30 for additional family members who share the book and course materials. The course will be held at 220 Price Hall on the Virginia Tech Campus and will include (weather permitting) a hands-on session in the NRVBA apiary. Seating is limited and pre-registration not later than 31 January 2018 is mandatory.  Registration will close on 31 January or when the class is full.  Address questions to Jerry Borger, 540-382-1798.


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