Beginning Beekeeper’s Course

Members of the New River Valley Beekeepers’Association will present a Beginning Beekeeper’s Course at 220 Price Hall on the Virginia Tech Campus, Blacksburg, VA. The course covers everything a beginner needs to know to start keeping honey bees, and lasts two Saturdays, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm: the first will be 4 February 2017 to enable students to learn how to acquire honey bees and equipment in time to get them for use in the spring of 2017; the second date is 8 April 2017 and will include how to handle and care for honey bees along with (weather permitting) hands-on time in an apiary. Cost is $55 for the first member of a family; $25 for each additional member (with a single set of books/handouts).

Those interested can sign-up and/or view a syllabus on-line at

Pre-registration not later than 26 January 2017 is mandatory.

Address questions to Jerry Borger, 540-382-1798.

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