November 12th: Apiforestation: The Future of Beekeeping

Please join the New River Valley Beekeepers’ Association at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, November 12th at the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building at 210 Pepper St., Christiansburg when Tammy Horn Ph.D. will give a presentation on  Apiforestation: The Future of Beekeeping.

(C) Chris Radcliffe, photographer.

(C) Chris Radcliffe, photographer.

After growing up as involuntary labor on a pig farm, Tammy Horn was determined never to do anything with science, math or agriculture when she went to college.  She became an English professor, eventually winding up as the National Endowment of Humanities Chair of Appalachian Studies.  She also, purely by happenstance, became a beekeeper and wrote Bees in America: How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation in 2005 and Beeconomy: What Women and Bees Teach Us about Local Trade and Global Markets  in 2012.  In this role, she became aware of how surface mining was impacting habitat in Eastern KY, where she was born.  In 2008, she started Coal Country Beeworks with a generous gift from beekeepers.  She worked with four coal companies until she was named the KY State Apiarist in 2014.  In her role as State Apiarist, she continues to advocate for forest-based beekeeping, and tries to find time to finish the bee trilogy with her third bee book, Apiforestation, The Future of Beekeeping. 

We will also have our monthly equipment raffle, information on what we should be seeing in our hives this month, and suggested management techniques for the fall.

Please consider bringing a snack or drink to share.

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