March meeting: Dwight Porter on queen rearing

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South Carolina queen and bee breeder Dwight Porter will give a talk on raising queens for the hobbyist.

In some areas, bees have begun to bring in pollen. Despite the continued snow and cold, spring really is on its way. It’s time to start planning for the beekeeping season.

The March 13 (Read the minutes from this meeting) New River Valley Beekeepers Association meeting will continue with a series of speakers who will discuss methods for queen rearing, nucleus hive making and other issues related to establishing more self-sufficient apiaries.

Join us at 6:30 p.m. at the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building at 210 Pepper St., Christiansburg, where South Carolina-based Russian queen and bee breeder Dwight Porter of Porter Farm Honey Bees will talk about his methods of queen rearing and give suggestions for how hobbyists can get started making small numbers of queens for themselves.

We will also have our monthly beekeeper raffle and a “what should you be doing with your hives this month” discussion.

Bring a snack or drink to share and join us for another exciting year with the bees.

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