2014 officer elections to be held Jan. 9


The NRVBA will hold the first meeting of 2014 on Jan. 9 and will take up the election of officers for the coming year. Be there to cast your vote, and bring your checkbook to renew your association membership!

Dues are $10 for an individual and $15 for a family. Checks are accepted, or renew online at https://secure.west-point.org/nrvba.

As always, we meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building at 210 Pepper St., Christiansburg.

We will also talk about what to do with your bees this month (there are things to do!), and we’ll discuss one of our priorities this year: training members to make their own nucleus colonies and breed their own queens for self-sufficiency.

If time permits, we’ll watch a video presentation by commercial queen and nuc producer Michael Palmer given at the 2013 National Honey Show in Great Britain on the how and the why of sustainable apiaries. Palmer runs French Hill Apiaries in St. Alban’s, Vermont near the Canadian border.

Please bring some snacks to share and join us for a new year of adventures with honey bees.

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