Honey bee health speaker set for Sept. meeting

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Virginia Tech entomology graduate student Allison Reeves will share findings from a recent honey bee research project with the NRVBA in September.

Allison Reeves, a Masters of Science in the Life Sciences major in Virginia Tech’s entomology department will give a report on her honey bee health research project at the NRVBA’s Sept. 12 meeting.

Reeves describes her project thusly:

“My research is focused on  the effects of several pesticides on  hive health. Based on previous studies that showed high miticide and fungicide residues in hives, I used these pesticides to explore sub-lethal effects on individual bees and on hive health indicators.”

Reeves spoke to us last year as she was beginning her experiment, and she will return to share her findings.

Join us at 6:30 p.m. at the Montgomery County Health and Human Services Building in Christiansburg. We’ll have our monthly raffle, seasonal beekeeping advice and hopefully, snacks.

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