March meeting: Double screen queen rearing

Borger picnicNotes: Anyone who wants a copy of Jerry’s instructions for double screen queen rearing may send an e-mail to Read the March newsletter.

In addition to our popular raffle and our “what should you be doing with your hives” information session, our first NRVBA meeting of the spring beekeeping season will feature member Jerry Borger presenting a simple method for hobbyists to raise queens.

Join us as the Christiansburg Health and Human Services Building at 210 Pepper St., at 7 p.m. on March 14 to learn about using a double screen to raise queens. No grafting or cell builder required.

Jerry says: “This method is intended for use on a strong hive with two hive bodies in the spring or during a nectar flow period. The intent is threefold: 1) to minimize the swarming urge, 2) to maximize honey reserves, 3) and to encourage the production of quality queen cells to keep the line of a good queen going.”

Jerry promises the method, which keeps the queen rearing colony in full honey production requires minimal equipment readily available at a reasonable price from beekeeping supply houses.

So join your fellow beekeepers to learn another way to become a more self-sufficient apiarist.

Note to members: Please review the minutes from the February meeting before the March meeting. This allows us to speed up the housekeeping items on the agenda.

Continue your education in how to increase your apiary through nucleus hives and simple queen rearing with our special guest, Dr. Larry Connor, on May 7.

Have you ordered your bees yet for the spring? Again this year the NRVBA has arranged discounted prices for members on package bees from Dadant. Order today.

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