2nd annual “Bug Fest” at Virginia Tech

The second annual Hokie Bugfest will be held on October 20, 2012, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Inn at Virginia Tech (Latham Ballroom). The Inn is on the edge of the Virginia Tech campus off Price’s Fork Road, close to the 460 Bypass and near downtown Blacksburg. Plenty of parking will be available.

The Hokie Bugfest is a smorgasbord of bug-themed activities for both kids and adults. It features live insect displays, games, crafts, an art contest, and a 4-H club insect collection contest. Insect enthusiasts can feed pet tarantulas, watch cockroach races, try on a beekeeper’s suit, and admire robotic bugs. Other activities include making bug boxes, tossing bug bags, and guessing how many crickets are in a tank. After visiting eight exhibits, children can earn a junior entomologist certificate.

The themes of science and discovery are interwoven into all activities. Older kids and adults will enjoy learning about gypsy moths, monsters of the insect world, beekeeping, and caring for pet insects and their relatives. Young entomologists can try to stump the “wizards of entomology” and see how insects move through high-speed photography. They can also learn about aquatic entomology, fly fishing, and the importance of insects to our environment. A bonus for teachers: the content of many Bugfest activities ties into state Standards of Learning.

The main attraction of any Bugfest is the bugs themselves. Some well-known “bad guys” of the insect world will be on hand: bed bugs, stink bugs, mosquitoes, and termites. Visitors can also admire the exotic bugs in our insect zoo. Death-feigning beetles, scorpions, bird-eating tarantulas, hissing cockroaches, and giant millipedes will be on display. Our favorites are the vinegaroons – cave-dwelling whip scorpions that squirt vinegar from their tail!

Other featured attractions include the HokieBird, the Hokietron, and the Alberti Flea Circus. Jim Alberti’s troupe of performing fleas has charmed audiences from coast to coast. The flea circus and strolling street organ show will perform several times during the Bugfest.

The NRVBA will hold a major display about honeybees featuring the observation hive with bees, a complete hive set up and all the tools needed for beekeeping. Supers of honey will be available for a hands-on demonstration on extracting honey from the supers. You can bring your own honey to sell or other related Honey Bee items.  Participants/volunteers should be wearing your bee jackets and veil  (for the full effect). If your interested in voluntering for this event contact Mark at marco@vt.edu to schedule your time slot.

For more details and a schedule of events, go to http://www.hokiebugfest.org.

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