NRVBA Summer Picnic 2012

The Annual NRVBA Bee Fest was held Saturday August 11 at Riverside park in Radford. On hand were the likes of Jack, Sam, Mark, Evertte, Ricky, Tim and a whole host of other members. Everette Harrell made all the arrangements for the facilities and organized the main dish deliveries. Thanks Everette!.
It was a beautiful day with warm weather and cloudy blue skies. We had a variety of dishes that were brought by members to accompany the main meal of southern fried Chicken, freshly grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and pork barbecue. The highlight of the day was the Beekeepers raffle. Queen bees, a mini mating nuc with bees and new queen, and Gift certificated from Farm Bureau bee supply were some of the items dontated for the raffle. Tim Service and his barbershop quartet provided entertainment and fine harmony. The event was well attended and a good time was had by all.

Pictures from the event can be found at;

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