September 9, 2011


21 members present.

Minutes from the August meeting were approved.

Reports and announcements

Treasurer reported $3546.26 available balance.

New business

Honey report: McCormicks got 65 pounds; Lynn got 2 full supers; Sam and Jack got 20 gallons; Jerry got honey from four hives, some early, some late, total of 440 pounds.

Elections: we need a Nominating Committee. Jack volunteered to head that. We need a new president (McCormick not continuing a second term); all officer positions technically are up for grabs. We vote at the October meeting.

Bee package purchase wrangler: any volunteer(s)? Do we even want to do it next year? Need to get the agreement with vendor done by December and commit to a certain number of packages to purchase by end of January 2012.

“So you want to be a beekeeper” sessions: Jerry needs volunteers. Holly Scoggins would like to host one at a Hahn garden “learn at lunch” session (those are on Wednesdays). Mark Chorba is willing to do that. Jim Hill will lead the Christiansburg session on January 15 at 1 PM. Glenn Buss, backed up by McCormick, will lead the Blacksburg session on January 7. Clem will lead the Floyd session on January 14 at 1 PM. Dave Knight will lead the Shawsville session on January 7 at 1 PM and the Radford session on January 14 at 2 PM. Also, Jerry will be leading a session at the Gold Bond ranger station on September 17.

Committees: Jerry will serve on the Education & Outreach Committee but not as chair; Clem also.

Mark Chorba told us about the Bug Fest on the Tech Entomology Quad on October 15. Dr. Fell wants us to participate. It runs from 10 AM to 5 PM. We can bring honey to sell and we can use Tech’s bees. Mark will be our contact. Tents will be set up.

Bill Murphy has Mite-Away Quick Strips for sale at $5 each for a package of 5 strips.