October 14, 2010


Meeting called to order 7:05pm
Members present: 30 (as recorded at sign-in)

The Treasurer reported in absentia a current balance of $1680.66

Re Old Business:
Member responses to the online survey concerning their preferred default reply to the listserv leaned heavily (34 of 41) to the “reply to all” choice. This choice was approved by the members present in a show of hands. The change will be made by the webmaster.

The remaining supply of the club’s two new T-shirts was on hand and made available to those who had pre-ordered as well as new purchasers at the conclusion of the business meeting.

Re New Business:
The Montgomery County Aquatics and Community Programs Supervisor has offered to host our Beginning Beekeeper classes and to advertise both the classes as well as the introductory presentations (“So You Want to be a Beekeeper”). What are needed are firm dates. After a brief discussion of the pros and cons, members agreed with Jerry’s proposed choices of January 29 and March 26 (or April 2) for the BBC, and dates for the Library presentations between Jan 8 and Jan 22. Jerry offered to compare the advantages of the Aquatics Center site with the site at Tech (if it’s available) and choose between them. It was also suggested that he contact Dadant to see if they would match Brushy Mountain’s free shipping offer on orders over $100 to new students taking our Beginning Beekeepers’ Class. Finally, there was a request from the floor for some type of instruction on extractor usage for new members in early- to mid-summer. An idea the group found acceptable was to identify those who wanted a practical demonstration, then to ask our more experienced members who plan to extract to allow a few requesting members to watch or participate.

A honey bee producer relocating from Western PA to Northern LA has offered to produce and deliver nucs to us in late April or early May if we order 100 or more nucs. Advertised cost is $85 per nuc without frame exchange plus shipping. While all agreed locally produced nucs were preferred, the expectation is that local sources would be insufficient to meet full demand. Discussion indicated we could probably dispose of at least 25 nucs to new students next spring, so that if we could get a commitment for 75 or so from current club members, we could proceed with negotiations. Jerry will forward appropriate information to membership, along with a request for members to indicate how many of these nucs they’d be interested in reserving.

The members present unanimously approved additions to the By-Laws (as worded in mailings to the entire membership) to revise the duties of the Education and Outreach Committee and to add a Program Committee and an Entertainment Committee.

One new beekeeper who joined prior to meeting’s end, John Austin, introduced himself. He is from Northern Virginia and now resides in Blacksburg.

Members of the Audit Committee reported that after examining records from the Treasurer that were distributed via email they felt the need to meet with the Treasurer in person and see the actual documents before certifying that a full and satisfactory audit had occurred. The committee chair, Chris Robinson, will arrange such a meeting upon the Treasurer’s return from out of town.

Lynn Tobias reported for the Nominating Committee that three current officers have expressed a willingness to continue to serve in their present positions: Jack Price–Treasurer, Lynn Tobias–Vice-President, and Chris Robinson–Recording Secretary. The search continues to find members willing to serve as President and as Corresponding Secretary. Elections for all have been tabled until next month. Members who read these minutes are encouraged to consider whether they might be able to serve in order to enable the club to continue its functions. Note that with the addition of the committees discussed below, the workload of the president will decrease significantly.

The floor was then opened for the evening’s principal business: the Annual Meeting to elect new officers and solicit volunteers to serve on the three newly constituted committees. The committees received volunteers as follows:

Program Committee—Glenn Buss and Chris Faith

Entertainment Committee—Bill & Ginny Murphy, Dana Kadiri, and Mark Priest

Education and Outreach Committee– Clem Von Claparede, Elizabeth McCormick, Leah Hughes, and Jerry Borger

The business meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m. after which a raffle was held. Honey brought by several members was offered for a general tasting. It was remarkable how much individual variation in taste there was.

Next month’s meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY, November 10 at the regular time and place.

Submitted: Chris Robinson, Recording Sec’y