November 10, 2010


Meeting called to order at 7:05pm
Members present: 34 (as recorded at sign-in)

The Treasurer reported in absentia a current balance of approximately $1547.00

Preceding the business meeting Dr. Rick Fell spoke on the current state of research being conducted by Tech into the presence of Nosema ceranae in Virginia bee colonies. Highlights: N. ceranae has largely replaced N. apis and is present in nearly 70% of our colonies, but often not detectable without DNA testing. N. ceranae is more pathogenic but less visible. Its period of greatest impact is, like that of N. apis, during the colony’s period of greatest stress, late winter into early spring, but extends into early summer. coinciding with our nectar flow. Implications for treatment! However, many of the affected colonies appear to be healthy and coping. Dr. Fell’s recommendations now: Continue to treat with Fumigilin in late fall and early spring, perhaps as early as late January. Watch for early signs of swarming.

Re Old Business:
The Audit Committee (Chris Robinson) reported a successful clarifying meeting with Jack Price and confidently certified the past year’s financial records as complete and balanced. The Committee recommends for the coming year that the Treasurer keep a tally of amounts spent for raffle items and amounts earned via raffles so that we may know whether, or to what extent, the raffles are paying for themselves.

The Nominating Committee presented a full slate of officers which the members present approved without dissent by a voice vote. The officers for 2011 are as follows:

President Elizabeth McCormick
Vice-President Lynn Tobias
Treasurer Jack Price
Recording Secretary Chris Robinson
Corresponding Secretary Richard Reid

An additional volunteer is needed to join the Program Committee.

Updates to the ongoing negotiations for nucs/package bees to be delivered to us locally next spring:

1) Nucs are not available; 3-lb.package bees are available.

2) Dadant (Mark Bennett) will match the $67/package price offered by the supplier from No. Louisiana. If ordered from Dadant, the bees will come from Georgia. The price from both suppliers is contingent on an order of 100 or more packages.

3) To date we’ve received requests for 24 packages.
Jerry Borger will ask both suppliers if they will wait until the Jan. 29 date of the BBC for our order, in hopes that the course participants will order a sufficient number of packages to meet the minimum 100 packages.

Re: New Business
The Beginning Beekeeper’s Course will be held on two Saturdays, 29 Jan and 2 April, 2011 in room 220, Price Hall on the VA Tech campus. The cost will be $45 per student; $25 for an additional family member (without handouts or book).

Four sessions of the introductory program, “So You Want to Be a Beekeeper” will be presented at area libraries as follows:

8 Jan 2011 at Meadowbrook and Blacksburg libraries, 1:00 – 2:00pm
15 Jan 2011 at Christiansburg and Floyd libraries, 1:00 – 2:00pm

A raffle, refreshments and socializing followed the termination of business.

Our next meeting, under new leadership, will be THURSDAY, Feb.10, 2011 at 7:00.

Respectfully submitted – Chris Robinson, Recording Sec’y.