March 9, 2011

Minutes: NRVBA Meeting 9 March 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Business Meeting:

Ken Cole from the WV Beekeepers Association invited members of our club to attend their annual meeting in Princeton, WV on 9 April 2011. Cost is $15, includes lunch for this day long event with multiple presenters with discussions including wintering nucs, pesticides and bees, anaphylaxis from bee stings, processing wax as well as workshops. The meeting will take place at 1423 Glenwood Park Rd at the 4H camp. Prior to discussing this event, Ken, an insurance agent, gave the group some thoughts about bee keeping and liability.

Jack Price gave the Treasurer’s report and collected money for annual dues and bee packages. Report accepted by membership.

Lynn Tobias presented last month’s minutes, accepted as read.

Clem von Claparede presented the document he has drafted to raise public awareness on swarm response. He requested assistance on disseminating this information.

Glen Buss announced April’s presentation. Three members will give ideas on queen rearing.

Jerry Borger gave a bee package update (they will arrive 12 April at noon-he needs help with delivery) and appealed for volunteers to help out with the 2 April apiary visit for this year’s class of 50 new beekeepers.

Glen Buss introduced Dave Knight who gave a thorough presentation on swarming including why, when, discouraging, encouraging and hiving swarms.

The meeting concluded with refreshments and a raffle.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 7:30.

Submitted by Lynn Tobias, acting recording secretary.