June 9, 2011


42 members present.

Minutes from the May meeting were approved.

July’s meeting is cancelled in lieu of the annual picnic. Next meeting will be August 11.

Keith Tignor spoke on some of the factors to consider when keeping bees for profit.

Reports and announcements

Treasurer reported $4,743.52 available balance.

Annual picnic will be July 30 at Lynn Tobias’ house. Music/band suggestions are needed and Mark needs help with set-up/take-down.

Abingdon beekeepers have set up their own club and members need queens. See Elizabeth McCormick for the contact information if you have, or will have, queens to sell.

New business

The Floyd honey extractor is held by John Webb. The other club extractor is in storage in Christiansburg; Jerry Borger and Richard Reid have the keys. If you need the Christiansburg extractor, please give them at least two days’ notice. There are sign-up sheets, a cleaning procedure, and agreement form which need to be filled out.

Should the club buy another two buckets with gates for the Floyd extractor? For the Christiansburg one? Yes to both.