June 14, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mark Chorba. 
Mark called attention to an article in his recent newsletter regarding huge, bee-killing hornets.   

Everette Harrell advised a bee supplies source is now available in Pearisburg, VA.

New members were introduced:  
Luke and Kelly McCoy ~ son Morgan
Tim Service ~ Tim has supplied queens for years, has Carniolan and Strachan queens available.  He lives in Meadows of Dan.

Mites:   Mites weaken honeybees. If you think your hives are infested with mites, test with a sticky board beneath the hive.  If the board collects 40-50 mites over 24 hours, the hive should be treated.  Treatment is best done when minimal brood is present.  Mites transmit a virus that causes deformed wings.

Sources for Queens:  Mark Chorba, Richard Reid, Tim Service

Jerry Borger described a location with bees in need of extraction on Plum Creek Road. Job requires cut-out, on second floor. Jerry will help extract the bees, but needs an assistant.  A cut-out will be required, on a second floor.  Bring a hive body with six empty frames along and you can have the bees. 

Old News:  
Dublin Fair:  There has been no response to attend or participate in the this event. A motion was made that we pass on this opportunity, was seconded and the motion carried.  NRVBA will not participate due to lack of interest.

Glenn Buss announced that a town about an hour west of Christiansburg has an event planned for Labor Day.  Dave Knight will respond to the invitation.

Bee Ball:  Everette and Ricky can get park.  Mark motioned to accept Everette’s plan; 2nd by Jerry B. 11 or 18 August, Time:  2-7.  Volunteers will be needed.  There will be a raffle.  A committee of Everette Harrell, Mark Priest and Jack Price was formed to plan this event.

Michael Bush – Bush Apiaries:  Richard contacted Michael to speak on Aug 2nd; fee is $250. It was proposed Holly would cosponsor (Hahn Horticultural Garden). See Michael Bush’s website: www.bushfarms.com

Allison Reeves, our speaker for the evening, was introduced. Allison is a first year graduate student at Virginia Tech and UNC Asheville.  She works in the toxicology lab in collaboration with Dr. Fell and Dr. Anderson – an inside/outside team, studying the effects of pesticides on bee colonies.  Bees require carbohydrates (nectar and honey)  for energy – flight takes lots of energy.  Protein (pollen) is essential for brood, a lack of which causes a decrease of worker bees population.   Penn State studied 800 hives for contamination by pesticides — Chlorothalinol, Fluvalinate, etc.  Study revealed these to be among the five most prevalent found in hives, wax, foundation, etc.  The goal is to create a model of honeybee health. A lab in Illinois tests new foundation for contamination before it is used in hives.

Tonight’s raffle yielded $139. Raffle items included three queens donated by Arnold Rampey, eight frame woodware, smoker, lip balm kit, and a book on queens.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30

~ Sam Price, Secretary, NRVBA

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